Welcome to our delicious tea department. Did You know that tea is, after water, the most widely consumed beverage on Earth?

Despite being the second most consumed drink in the world, in many regions and cultures there are special social events and ceremonies held to promote drinking this mighty brew, such as the tea party. Discover our wide selection of tea blends and make a tea party every day. Our Tea Masters select 100% natural ingredients to create these delicious blends. With a various fusions to choose from, Artisan Tea Blends will be a daily warm hug in a mug.

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Black Magic Blend 1Kg

Supreme Pakistani Black TeaIts essential properties are its exotic flavor and its stimulating power on the nervous system, but in a natural and healthy way


Dark Brown Magic 1Kg

Black Tea BrownieDo you feel like something sweet but do not want to sin in your diet? Black tea is a healthy energizer that will activate your body with this delicious flavored blend


Ethernal Elixir 1Kg

Eternal Youth White TeaThe Sencha & Pai Mu Tan White Tea is a fresh tasting tea blending the smooth, sweet taste of Sencha Green Tea with the subtle, apple & cinnamon sweetness


Four Kingdoms 1Kg

Rooibos Apple Cinnamon YogurtRooibos is a plant that does not contain theine, so it is ideal for consumption at any time or for those who are hypertensive or somewhat nervous


Green Dragon Blend 1Kg

Green Tea AqualiaGreen tea has been enjoyed in China for over 5,000 years and is an essential part of the nation’s culture


Hidden Islands Blend 1Kg

Pina Colada InfusionDiscover irresistible infusions for the flavour curious