Base Oils - 1 Litre

Base oils are ideal for diluting essential oils before using them on skin. All our base oils are 100% natural pure oil. If you're looking for bulk base oils this is the right place. 

1 Litre bottles for professional use.  For aromatherapists, masseurs, for repacking, or for production purposes.  Click on the link for more information and to find MSDS sheets,  should you need them.

Also available in 50ml or 100ml sizes for retail purposes.

We price check regularly, and believe these prices for these quality base oils to be highly competitive

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Apricot Kernel 1 Litre


Argan Oil - 1 Litre

Botanical Name: Argania SpinosaOrigin: Argan oil is believed to be one of the rarest oils in the world, it is a robust, nutty scented oil made largely in Morocco from the nuts of the argan tree


Avocado 1 Litre

Botanical Name: Persea GratissimaOrigin: Its believed that avocados are primarily native to Mexico where Aztecs tribes used to spread the fruit on their skin and create face masks


Borage Oil - 1 Litre

Botanical Name:  Borago Officinalis


Calendula Oil - 1 Litre

Botanical Name:  Calendula Officinalis


Castor Oil - 1 Litre